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Scott Thompson as Buddy Cole – in 2023. As I point out every five minutes, once our generation and the generation right behind ours finally dies, gay will be over


Shawn “The T Is for Toxic” Smith is indeed toxic, hurtful, and destructive, and he is a danger to any man seeking his help


Allan Gurganus, Plays Well With Others: “I do at least miss missing him”


It is preposterous to suggest that R.M. Vaughan’s death was anything other than a suicide. (Now with many updates, including letter to UNB president)


Dogpoet’s deathwish: Now directed at somebody else


My æsthetic in five pictures


Linus van Pelt was never a simpering Gaysian


“For the love of God, take your sons hunting” (sic)


Further bons mots from DataLounge, including what could be the best-ever posting about body image and manorexia

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None. I quit.

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