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The so-called Emerging Designer Competition will allow the Royal Bank to do whatever it wants with entrants’ work


Globe and Mail publishing reporter John Barber allowed a serious factual error to creep into an article about the future of professional writers. But the Globe itself darkened that future


The Writers’ Union of Canada launches its own bill of rights for writers (“for the digital age”)


John McCoy isn’t just wrong but actively hypocritical about moral rights


Instead of actually dissecting A.A. Bronson’s baseless “copyright” claims, the Toronto press runs yet another profile of the art supergroup that was always fabulous


Admit that Larry Lessig blew it. (He has)


While I’m waiting for tens of thousands of dollars in a copyright-infringement settlement (now delayed), I’m pitching again for contributions to The Cranky Copyright Book. But there’s a payoff: The book is going to be published


John Hilton III wrote an article claiming Creative Commons makes more derivative works possible. And on that score, he is quite wrong


“I don’t pretend that I have all the answers”

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