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“I don’t pretend that I have all the answers”


“Where’s the Creative Commons law, where’s the Creative Commons licence that I could say ‘OK, you can have it for free, but at least you have to ask me for it’? ‘Free if you send me an E-mail’?”


EFF blames the DMCA for preventing the censorship of captioning


Take that, Jesse Brown


Why is Howard Knopf deriding Charles Nesson for losing a minor case when Larry Lessig lost a big one?


Is Michael Geist getting the VIP treatment in copyright consultations or not? (Now with update)


Announcing my new book project, The Cranky Copyright Book


Well, guess what: The Ontario College of Art & Design is again acting like nobody has the right to photograph the works shown in its annual graduates’ show. Bzzt: Wrong answer. Try again


How badly do you want a laptop and a T-shirt? Willing to “doodle” for it?

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