Michael Geist reported Saturday that copyright “consultations” are set to begin this summer.

But Howard Knopf reported the same day that there’s one set of consultations for plebes and other for invited VIPs. And, as at any black-tie event, your invitation isn’t transferable.

Didn’t the foremost academic critic of copyright policy in Canada (also a noted newspaper columnist) receive a personalized, nontransferable invitation to the VIP consultation? Isn’t Geist failing to disclose his elite status in consultations on a topic that, he has consistently insisted, is of general importance to the Canadian citizenry?

Well, I don’t know. But Geist can contact me via E-mail to clear up the whole thing, which clarification I will then go right ahead and publish.

Superexclusive response!

That was fast: “No. I didn’t get an invitation. My post was based on someone forwarding me the doc.”

Geist then goes on to dispute Knopf’s claim that there are distinct VIP and prole consultations, a dispute I dispute. It seems plain to me.

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