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I had an idea for a gay technology conference. Then I realized it would have to happen anywhere but here


If Nicole Sullivan thinks more women should work in technology, my question is: Why? (Minor updates)


Why aren’t there more wymmynz in graphic design? This new book answers a nonsensical question


It’s been a month since Google’s Aspergerian nerds drove their sole known visual designer, Doug Bowman, to quit the company. I still say good for him, as it finally frees him from the tyranny of the extreme Google brain


Monetize your own fucking intelligence, why don’t you?


If you want diversity, then you should be agitating for equality of opportunity, not outcome. If you want a good conference, you should be agitating for good speakers, a lot of whom are men. If you don’t want either of those things, then here’s something else you don’t actually want: Diversity


You were a procrastinator today and, when you get around to it, you’ll be a procrastinator tomorrow.

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None. I quit.

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