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Apart from writing in at least once a week to fix an egregious copy error of theirs (I have to triage – there are so many I can focus only on egregious errors), I occasionally drop Gawker a line to explain that their incredible scoops are positively old hat. I’ve now had enough, since our […]


The worst redesign of the year tries to bury the evidence


Excerpt from ‘The Rise and Fall of Gay Culture’ by Daniel Harris


Standards-compliant sites don’t have to be beautiful!


Paging Evan Goer!

Blue Pontiac Sunbird’s Ontario license plate reads X PHILES

Gay tent caterpillars, shurely?!

Plant stalk ends in leaves and a red rose and sits before some tendrils of fine lavender-coloured string netting
Scratched aluminum door sports a piece of silver tape and a neon-green mail slot

I stood right next to this thing for half a minute and still couldn’t figure out what it was. Trust me, it’s a better photo flopped on its side and isn’t any more confusing that way.

Rotated photograph shows a long yellow block labeled U-MÄD behind the blue bed of a truck. In the background sits a rotated McDonald’s neon sign behind a window
Letters projecting from brick wall cast shadows under a bare bulb and read ‘Hardinge Makers of Fine Lamps’

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None. I quit.

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