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Apart from writing in at least once a week to fix an egregious copy error of theirs (I have to triage – there are so many I can focus only on egregious errors), I occasionally drop Gawker a line to explain that their incredible scoops are positively old hat. I’ve now had enough, since our […]


The worst redesign of the year tries to bury the evidence


Excerpt from ‘The Rise and Fall of Gay Culture’ by Daniel Harris


Straight from the horse’s mouth. What other parts of him are like a horse?


Standards-compliant sites don’t have to be beautiful!


Paging Evan Goer!

Blue Pontiac Sunbird’s Ontario license plate reads X PHILES

Gay tent caterpillars, shurely?!

Plant stalk ends in leaves and a red rose and sits before some tendrils of fine lavender-coloured string netting
Scratched aluminum door sports a piece of silver tape and a neon-green mail slot

I stood right next to this thing for half a minute and still couldn’t figure out what it was. Trust me, it’s a better photo flopped on its side and isn’t any more confusing that way.

Rotated photograph shows a long yellow block labeled U-MÄD behind the blue bed of a truck. In the background sits a rotated McDonald’s neon sign behind a window

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