Oui, très amusant, Bruce. Indeed, valid HTML and CSS and other forms of adherence to Web standards are no guarantee that your site will look nice. Worse yet, in unusual edge cases like this one, it will be demonstrably inaccessible to some people. (Love the flashing and strobing! And the rainbow colour scheme – why, it’s gonna make you some friends you never thought you wanted!)

Anyway, I gave the same thing a whirl a couple of years ago when I rewrote Ray Glasser’s Beta Info Guide in valid code. Why?

  1. The original page kept going offline.
  2. I wanted it for my own reference, as I am something of a Betamax aficionado.
  3. I wanted to see if perfect code could still end up with an unbeautiful page.

I have of course offered the code to Ray, which he hasn’t used. The recoded version, with cosmetic differences compared to the original, is still online for reference.

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