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I stood right next to this thing for half a minute and still couldn’t figure out what it was. Trust me, it’s a better photo flopped on its side and isn’t any more confusing that way.

Rotated photograph shows a long yellow block labeled U-MÄD behind the blue bed of a truck. In the background sits a rotated McDonald’s neon sign behind a window
Letters projecting from brick wall cast shadows under a bare bulb and read ‘Hardinge Makers of Fine Lamps’

The place to buy your replacement blender jugs. Do, however, reduce your exposure to the neighbourhood as you would have Chernobyl.

Sign attached directly to brick wall reads ‘Butler’s’ in script
Illuminated sign projecting from wall reads ‘Butler’s’ in script plus ‘REPAIR SERVICE Parts Radio/TV Appliances ALL MAKES’

Further excerpts from ‘Gay Fiction Speaks’


Yes, that’s me in the ‘National Post’ today


Preferably with your eyes closed. Have you ever seen so many mistakes in such big type?

Huge letters on café’s concrete storefront read ‘ZOë's’

“Is Chris the Fireman really a fireman?”


“Levitating on motorcycles strictly prohibited.”

Sign shows bar dexter through figure of a man hovering over a motorcycle

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