1. Jockohomo (sic): “Is it a uniform now for all the young dudes to wear jeans [and a] short-sleeve T-shirt over a long-sleeve white thermal underwear shirt, or was this just functionality?”
  2. Area-code and prefix lookup (with valid HTML, no less)
  3. Quote Colors, made possible solely by format=flowed
  4. Matt Siber: Removing type from photos or everything but type
  5. Looking at the Look Book: “I would give her a shopping bag so she doesn’t have to wear all the clothes she owns at the same time”
  6. Storm Large and the Balls MP3s, as seen on VulturePulp
  7. Tony Stark on Etech: “They are at a conference called ‘WestTech,’ which seems pretty obviously to be O’Reilly’s Emerging Technology conference”
  8. Want It Now: Spy magazine before 1990
  9. $756,891.76
  10. Colin Farrell’s Man-on-Man Movie Kiss Manual: He shot that selfsame movie a single block away from me and walked obliviously past me at one point
  11. On the Prowl with Panther: An Orientation to Mac OS X 10.3
  12. Tables Gone Wild: “[T]his post is also about reckless exploitation and amateurs. But I am talking about the reckless use of tables I found in a client’s Web site, created by an amateur Web designer”
  13. The Libertines band site almost validates
  14. Even more fun with subdomains : “I implemented a couple of PHP subdomain detection tricks for quick testing of hex and RGB colour codes: typing ff0.milov.nl, cc6633.milov.nl, 100,100,200.milov.nl, 0,255,150.milov.nl (and so on) in your Address bar will fill the browser window with that particular colour”
  15. When Black Is Not Black: “Stop using black for copy text. Just stop. It hurts my eyes. All you contrast freaks, stop telling me that default black (#000) text is a necessity on white backgrounds. It is not, I repeat, it is not. I will stop reading blogs and web sites that insist on defying commonsense rules of design, legibility and style.” You mean like the IC-Style? (Retrenchment)
  16. Maki’s DVD collection using WordPress (considered and later abandoned for ultimately-Wikipediated described-DVD list)
  17. Where’d you get that colour scheme?
  18. “The server does browser sniffing, and delivers invalid URLs to Safari (at least), and valid ones to Internet Explorer on Windows”
  19. Dolphin’s forms mode better than Jaws’s (as if anything couldn’t be): “By using Dolphin’s new Forms Mode, you can tab through all of the form fields and enter details within the form easily. No need to continually select the field required, it’s done automatically. Compare this with other products, where users have to continually switch between different modes in order to enter information into a form…. [F]orm field labels are now announced as the user tabs through them, labels above the field or to the left of the form field can be repeated with new hotkeys”
  20. Must everything be XML?
  21. Mini vMac: A miniature[-]Macintosh emulator
  22. $7,950/month
  23. $1,100/month, but where is it?
  24. Live next to the sub shop
  25. Thunderous echoes of deafness: You’d think there’d be more deaf blogs (and blind ones, for that matter)
  26. The World Needs More Canada: Strengthening Support for People with Disabilities”
  27. Bookshelf reorganized by colour: 1; 2; 3, 4; interview
  28. Cleese jilts TV for a joke on the Web: Expect his hog of a site to take over your computer
  29. Smart balanced on teacups
  30. Great Signs group
  31. “I’d say the mobile Web could be the killer app for Web standards”
  32. Never start a conversation when you are naked in the locker room
  33. “I’ve got an MPEG of the film… and need to lay a text copyright notice over the entire film”
  34. One of a Kind? CulturePulp is Local, Non-Fiction Comic Strip”
  35. Playgirl’s Gay Porn Stars
  36. iTrick, apparently for real
  37. Men of the Jester, one of whom is an invert
  38. Delusions in Modern Primitivism: After watching it twice, it is still undetectable as a parody. It’s that good. And can you believe that red-haired fella?
  39. L. Kramer’s “The Tragedy of Today’s Gays” in valid code (which I marginally helped out with); MP3 page
  40. Royal Tenenbaum’s World of Futura
  41. “This is the TeX showcase…. It contains examples of what you can do with TeX, the typesetting engine”
  42. Web accessibility and screen reader survey
  43. Exercises in Style, soon to be a book
  44. The 10 Least Successful Holiday Specials of All Time
  45. Researchers create tool to automatically search handwritten historical documents
  46. “Please play back the Windows tada.wav sound file whenever I’m viewing a page on the W3.org site and either valid-xhtml11 or valid-xhtml10 image is displayed
  47. The QA Handbook Working Group Note
  48. User frustration study
  49. Singingfish video search
  50. Tides of War tells the story of Commander Burt Hable, a gay Navy veteran (Adrian Paul), who, while navigating North Korean waters, believes his submarine is being attacked by an unidentified enemy ship”
  51. Offensive Interference: “For decades women sportswriters faced intimidation and harassment from male athletes, coaches and even colleagues ”
  52. What are Amazon.com Citations?
  53. Public Documents as Blogs: “[T]he majority of these are released as PDFs…. In June 2004, the UK government released its latest consultation document on ID cards. The document was made available as a PDF…. The blogosphere was willing to answer this call, but it did face a basic problem: linking into the document.” You can link to a page of a PDF no problem, or just wait for Google to index it
  54. Web Accessibility QA Favelet (nothing hugely original, but it works fine)
  55. Quechua 1.0: Microsoft to launch Windows in the language of the Inca[s]
  56. New HTML Editor designed to optimize accessibility
  57. “TV viewers vote Pim Fortuyn as greatest Dutchman
  58. Can you make any money giving away an E-book? I think you can
  59. Language Identifier
  60. WikipedïzeText
  61. Forms aren’t tabular data!
  62. The Sound of the Accessible Title Tag Separator
  63. David Shulman, a self-described Sherlock Holmes of Americanisms who dug through obscure, often crumbling publications to hunt down the first use of thousands of words, died on October 30”
  64. OverDrive digital audiobooks
  65. URL Decoder/Encoder: “Input a string of text and encode or decode it as you like. Handy for turning encoded JavaScript URLs from complete gibberish into readable gibberish”
  66. What is Google SMS?
  67. The Search for Love in Manhattan:

    Okay, let’s say you’re blind. And let’s say you want to go to the movies. And let’s say you want to go to a foreign movie with English subtitles, like, oh, say, Hero. And let’s say that, since you don’t speak Chinese, you decide to bring a friend along to help you follow the action and the dialogue. Do you think it might occur to her not to read every single subtitle in the entire movie to you as loud as she possibly can? And, if it doesn’t, could you please sit somewhere other than right in front of me? You should both thank your lucky stars I interpret the Second Amendment very narrowly.

  68. img alt=, next generation
  69. MediDisc 4.7GB 4x Speed DVD-R
  70. Interview with Doug Turner and Chris Hofmann of the Minimo Project
  71. LaBruce, B.:

    I’m getting really sick of all these tired American film critics – especially, it seems, the liberal ones – who can’t get past the bad dye job and the eye-liner and the camp acting and actually examine what the movie is saying and how radical it is to be saying it at this particular moment in history…. The camp aspects of the film, whether totally intentional or not, fit in perfectly with the conventions of the sword-and-sandal epics of fifties Hollywood – pageantry, over-wrought acting, anachronisms – and if you can’t get beyond that, you’re an idiot…. I think the fact that they aren’t shown having sex with each other makes it even stronger, making the point that the sex between them was only one aspect of their complex and deep relationship…. Alexander’s ludicrous bedroom romp with Rosario Dawson was more trite and explicit – almost pornographic – because his relationship with her wasn’t as profound. Two thumbs and one dick up.

  72. Walking tour of Chelsea
  73. Again we have another major publication writing with amazement that these ’blogging folks’ can attract a huge readership without anyone hiring them, appointing them or providing them any sort of support”
  74. Digital Copyright Terminology (Canadian, no less)
  75. San José Hotel completely booked for South by Southwest, so don’t bother
  76. Athletic Model Guild DVDs (no doubt with compression artifacts and surely without accessibility)
  77. How we work: Culled from existing sources, it’s rampantly inconclusive and shines no light at all on the unspoken issue it addresses, procrastination
  78. A. Lane:

    [I]t’s only in the writing that I discover what it is that I think. And I can only write to deadline. I can’t do the blank sheet. You know, “Chapter One: He adored New York…” And I don’t do the specifically sharpened pencils in the specifically designed notebook in the specifically built dacha… The other day I wrote a piece sitting on the floor of the train to Cambridge, which was straight out of Buster Keaton, with squatting room only. And there was one point last summer when there was someone on every floor of the house, so I wrote on the staircase with my computer on my lap. My thighs got sunburnt, which constitutes an accident at work. I am suing myself…. The truth is, that if you’re working on a piece at three in the morning, you’re not Keats; you’re just late.

  79. Gigapixel camera (with chromatic aberrations you must correct, hence its photos are not immediately true-to-life)
  80. Amerikanski History X director interview
  81. German accessibility bookmarks
  82. LettError has a Weblog (which almost validates); LettError also has a Wiki
  83. Tyler Hamilton has a Weblog
  84. CRIAWatch
  85. Cops nailed for picking on invert
  86. Sixth mistake band sites make: Pretending Web standards don’t exist
  87. [L]ooking for a bud who I used to hook up with once in a while on the Ryerson campus[. Y]ou are Maltese[,] over 6 feet[,] shaved head[,] beefy build and uninhibited. Hit me back if that’s you or you know who I’m talking about.” You mean Dave?
  88. [P]roduction company seeking 8 men for a very uninhibited reality show…. The show cast features men only but there will but both men and women in the show as the conquest. The show will be seen in an overseas market ONLY!”
  89. The Cripple: One way to overcome procrastination
  90. Preferred voice recorder, apparently: Sony ICD-MS1VTP
  91. Notational Velocity is an application that stores and retrieves notes”
  92. Amazing Slow Downer for Mac OS X
  93. Origin of ^H
  94. “ ‘You don’t know anything about me or what I do,” I tell him, so your judgments mean nothing.’ As I turn and walk away, he snorts loudly to his friends: ‘Fucking faggot.’ So I get back in his face for one last retort. ‘Pal, at least you got one thing right’ ”
  95. “Dude” (PDF; text): Supplementary Materials (“In L.A., everyone dudes”)
  96. Utterly incomprehensible article about a Muslim punk band (“homo”? “fag”?)
  97. Spacing: The Tiles of the TTC (plus macarons)
  98. Zeugmas
  99. Foot Locker reaches settlement in Columbia gay discrimination case
  100. Complex but not overwhelming standardista site
  101. PDF Adder is an AppleScript for iTunes that will assist with adding a PDF file to iTunes and tagging it with a selected track’s Artist and Album tags. iTunes 4.7 can accommodate PDF files, which are useful for album art, lyrics, production notes”
  102. Mathew Englander v. Telus: Another example of how to beat the bastards, so to speak
  103. Butcher gloves, great at Xmas for the practicing veganist
  104. D. Salo:

    Someone with more sensitive fingers than I have might be able to read this book blindfolded, the printing has so dented the pages. Not smooth, these pages, not at all, not around the edges and not on the printed surface. Do people who whinge about the ‘feel of the paper book’ have any idea about this? I doubt it. My job? Proofreading the OCR and sharpening up the existing TEI markup for the electronic edition of this book…. I’m rescuing this book. I’m renewing it. Materially, it is a modest thing; it exists for the sake of the words, and the words are what I am recasting anew. So the old red covers don’t have to endure the touch of many hands, and the pages don’t have to risk crumbling altogether as they are turned. I preserve the words, and the intent of the artisans who put the words on the pages, as best I know how. This is, stripped to its essentials, what I do. I rescue the souls of modest old books for new readers and new uses. And it irks the life out of me, turns me purple and speechless with fury, when people (more often than not, librarians!) loftily proclaim that I do this because I have no respect for the physical codex.

  105. Creating an office for writing: “I write with the same software as most people, Microsoft Word.” I rather think not
  106. Unicyclisme! (Also trialsin)
  107. The 6 Myths of Creativity
  108. Way too damned many frames
  109. Yinzhen silver needle tea


Self-evidently not safe for work.

  1. Muscle Brute Stud, allegedly
  2. More blackletter tattoos (or better alternative)
  3. “I’m physically fit, clever, cheeky, and I love to sportfuck.” To what?
  4. Fiddle or violin?
  5. “I live in the mecca of bodybuilding so I see the hottest bods in the world but if a guy is stupid, I get bored in about 5 minutes. I’m passionate about what I believe in. That’s why I became a Marine. Ultimately it’s also why I decided not to stay in. I’m very sexually oriented but when I do meet the fella I want to settle down with…it’s just gonna be him and me…. None of that open-relationship BS for me…. I’m still in the process of being discharged from the USMC. I wrote a one-man show based on my journals from Iraq” (photo)
  6. 6′7″ (similar)
  7. Now, that’s a kilt!
  8. Complexion and proportions (always important)

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