What if everything you knew about copyright was wrong?

Well, it isn’t. And I’m not here to tell you it is. But I do want to break you out of the spell you’ve been under since Larry Lessig became your secular god.

There really is a way to look at copyright that is not a form of apologia for dying “content” industries, like the music business and Hollywood studios. This new way also has very little to do with “free culture,” Creative Commons, and the teachings of gurus like Lessig and Michael Geist. It’s all about protecting your rights as an individual creator. (Guess what? You matter!)

[Ad] I’ve gone CRANKY for ’09. Have you? It’s all going to be laid out in a new book I’m starting to write, The Cranky Copyright Book. It’s going to be a regular print and electronic book from a mainstream publisher. It’s going to take a shitload of time and energy to research, and I need your help to do it.

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