• Previously, I pointed out this Basque and issued an ultimatum: “Now tell me [he has] any distinguishing features whatsoever despite deriving from a distinct ethny and speaking a language unrelated to any other.”

    Shirtless musclegay (with some tattoos) taking mirror selfie in gym
  • Here we have another musclegay (or at least that is his intended end stage).

    Dude in tank top and shorts at gym poining his iPhone at mirror

    I issue another ultimatum: Locate any feature whatsoever that identifies nationality, place, or locality; language; or ethny (apart from “not black, Indic, or Oriental”). Indeed, locate any feature whatsoever, save for his attempt to deceive us into thinking he’s using an iPhone X or later (see deceptive vertical camera cutout in phone case).

  • Next – and this is a more salutary example – regard this conventionally masculine phenotype (see jaw, bridge of nose).

    Bearded man smirks at camera from behind wheel of car

    I’ll spot you a clue: He’s on a gay rugby team. Your task is to figure out where. (It could even be in South Africa, as the Jozi-Cats are almost entirely White, which tells you something about gay and rugby.)

Consensus gay culture is an actual monoculture that actually steamrolls over national, local, and personal ethnies, languages, cultures, and specificities.

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