– Mark E. Smith

By which I mean the only non-progressives or anti-progressives with a brand: Europa Invicta (Flickr album thereof).

  • Conservatives still cannot design

    Sweatshop workers assemble TRUMP 2020 banners typeset in Arial

    – but Europa Invicta has done well more than the bare minimum here:

    Four posters from Europa Invicta, including armed solder captioned EUROPEANS DON’T APOLOGIZE
    1. Images from European or White antiquity

    2. Consistent typography (Gotham – no doubt Jonathan Hoefler, our Whitest type designer, will be mortified), and indeed consistent translucency to such type

    3. Square format that the kids prefer these days

  • Then Europa Invicta, who are not Identity Evropa (“Ev”ropa), go and spoil it all by doing something stupid with their best slogans.

    Young man and woman on poster: WHEN YOU’RE WHITE, THERE’S NO UPGRADE. DON’T MIX
    1. Type and layout are wrong

    2. Type is fundamentally incorrect in embarrassing ways (neutral apostrophes that collide with nearby letters)

    3. Cannot decide whether linebreak, comma plus linebreak, or no apparent linebreak are meant to break up clauses

  • Then there’s using the wrong frigging quotation marks:

    Poster uses « and » in Winston Churchill quotation

All told, though, wildly superior (these people are all about hierarchy) than Æsthetica Europa.

Next I will discuss the anti-progressive meme æsthetic of severely saturated red/green/blue gradients, reminiscent of the absolute greatest 1980s lighting and interiors (and indeed key to the Æsthetica Europa vocabulary).

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