(WITH TRAGIC UPDATE) As I interpret the charges by the B.C. Crown, two apparently Sikh vizmins beat up two middle-aged white gay men. The vizmins’ attorneys, David Baker and Michael Klein, rather met their match when one of the victims, David Holtzman, took the witness stand.

  • Baker asked Holtzman about inconsistencies in his evidence about the men’s clothing, questioning about the colour of one of the brother’s T-shirts.

    “He starts calling me a faggot,” Holtzman replied. “I’m going to turn around and look at him, of course. I’m going to look at his face. What do you think I’m going to do – look at his shoes?”

  • “It’s a really nice idea to cover your face when you’re being slugged,” Holtzman said. “I was absolutely focu[s]sed on my own survival.”

  • Klein challenged the number of blows Holtzman claims to have sustained. If the whole incident lasted perhaps 40 seconds – 20 seconds of which Holtzman believed he was face down in a planter being pummelled in the head – then “that would be four punches per second,” Klein said.

    “When someone’s banging you on the back of the head, it’s hard to be accurate,” Holtzman said.

    “That’s just not plausible,” Klein suggested.

    “It’s completely plausible in human kinesiological terms that someone could punch somebody 40 times in 20 seconds,” Holtzman said.

And now one of the vizmins is accused of intimidating one of the assault victims during the trial.

Tell me if I’m wrong here: The three main motivators for male gaybashers are low education and socioeconomic status (so dumb they’re bigoted), being closeted homosexuals (trying to destroy in others what they see in themselves), or adhering to an anti-gay religion with a tendency toward violence, like Sikhism or Islam. Oddly, the hardest people with whom to discuss this topic – Jews – these same men hate almost as much as they do us.


Tragically, David Holtzman died of a heart attack while on vacation in Mexico in April 2012.

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