I enjoy the ugly blog of Michael Kaplan, an internationalization engineer who – in an apparently unique instance of good taste – drives an iBot.

Apart from getting his facts totally fucking wrong about Canadian English (the sort of error he would never make with the love of his professional life, Tamil), the formerly estimable expert on language encoding took time out of his busy day to bash Apple in an entirely unrelated post about Unicode 6.0.

Of course Windows has extensive Unicode support. (I have previously described it as “phenomenal.”) But, due to the hostility of the platform, not one user in a million can type an opening single quotation mark (native English-speakers) or an apostrophe (non-native speakers). Kaplan himself can’t even type an en dash in the hed of his post, or an apostrophe anywhere.

Given a Manichean development environment in which one robs Peter’s character set to display Paul’s, actually enabling the use of characters above US-ASCII by real people rather takes precedent over Ogham “support,” does it not?

Also: Does Windows Phone 7 support Cherokee?

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