• Or is what we have now going to continue – globalist human-rights corporatist kleptocracy for the next 40,000 years?

    Should homosexuals have to register with the city they live in as a public-health matter? Thereafter, perhaps only live specific neighbourhood. No more them four by four blocks, and walled off, walled in, walled invert neighbourhood.

    These are just some of the topics that we will deal with on this show.

    Are Kamala Harris and Barack Obama bioengineered in a CIA laboratory for high-yellow house androids in Bermuda? Profound questions no one else dares touch but I will broadcast for you from here, from my tropical fortress.

  • But in United States, you can see this other cold, desiccated version of Latin America already in some of the drab northeastern states, or in Rust Belt. You go old industrial town in Midwest or Rhode Island or such place, and you see all government offices there are run by sassy sheboon, or sassy African ladies, with the proud anger of a mediæval European noble and an ass you could sit a can of Coke on – steatopygia, the scientific name. The true Panamanian ass. Yoruba tropical ass of a water priestess.

    You get on the wrong side and see – it’s worthy of a Prussian Junker. My friend says this. They are the last holdout of aristocratic wrath in our time. In Nietzsche, you see the same image: A Prussian Junker whose only hobby is getting drunk on potato liquor and beating the shit out of Polish peasants with a sword and yelling. Only sheboon chimpout in McDonald continues this noble attitude in our time. Is exactly the same. The joke is they run Department of Motor Vehicle. But in fact they run all the government. They staff many large company too, and bring to it all the emotional corruption, the intensity of Southern life where everything is personal, everything is spite of family tribal favour.

  • It’s the same as Spike TV. What was Spike TV? Some gay Hollywood guy’s notion of what straight guys must have liked. So they completely miss the point. Normal people, they look at “Buttjig,” at Buttigieg, this presidential candidate, they don’t see what Washington, D.C. sleek public-relation guys do, guys who have thick blinders on, that are locked into not noticing how abnormal this Buttgig type is for the vast majority of Americans. And not just Americans, I mean people anywhere, because the aversion to Buttgig is natural, you know. You can only get over the gag reflex to a Buttgig through heavy self-denial of your own instincts and tastes, like if you had to force yourself to eat insects, or to pretend that Afghanistan can be turned into Switzerland….

    So when you’re part of this social circle, like all the media is, like all the journalists, left and right, are, that kind of social pressure just erases nature from your mind. You can no longer see things as they are. But you see, Buttgig is more disturbing to a normal American than let’s say a gay queeny guy would be. I think that gay effeminate queeny guy, by now most people would be – if they’re not OK with that, at least they’re tolerant, at least they’re understanding.

    But a so-called masculine gay of this type – Buttgig isn’t exactly “masculine.” It’s something else. It sets off serious psycho-alarms for most people not caught up in the way of delusion of the pseudo-polite society. He comes off on the Jeffrey Dahmer spectrum, and that’s a far more disturbing homosexual type than the queen. I may talk about this another time, but among homosexuals, the so-called gay top – excuse me for talking such things, but this isn’t a family show, after all – but the so-called gay top is far more disturbing than the queeny effeminate gay.

    I’m not talking here about what Steve Sailer has named “predatory bisexuality” or this, or what the Afghans do, or what you find in the Gulf Arab states, or the ancient Greeks. But I’m talking in the West about a gay guy who’s exclusively gay but a so-called gay top – and not by circumstance but by type, whether born fucked-up or twisted by some experience. They’re usually twisted, these types. I probably have to explain this in writing, because there’s too much detail here; this is easy to misunderstand.

    But this is, by the way, key also to unlocking personality of very evil elite types in let’s say Catholic church faggot hierarchy – not the old original church but the ones who have taken over since Vatican II, the ones who are protected by Pope Faggot, and many others like Ross Douthat, who try to modulate Catholicism in America who are not real Catholics. And not just them but many others in the elite – they have within them an evil desire to derail, subvert, to sully, to take things that are healthy and make them unhealthy.

    But in shorthand, if I can try to explain to you this type is you must think through the psychology of a man who wants to only fuck other men but not women, who can’t fuck women but wants only to put it to men or to boys, to despoil them. You have to think through the psychology of this type to understand, to realize how disturbing it is. It’s on the serial-killer spectrum if you really think it thorough.

    An effeminate gay who wants to be sexually dominated is different. It’s actually easier to understand, and, relative to this other second kind, is actually healthier. The Buttgig type, the Ross Douthat type, is far more twisted, far more dangerous. And, well, Buttgig, I have no idea what he likes in private, I don’t know him, but he comes off on the cannibal/Dahmer spectrum, and that’s the vibe he gives off to most normal people….

    But even in his externalities, in Buttgig’s externalities, which, to the polite Washington, D.C. and public-relations class, all of his external qualities are such a plus. But in all of these externalities, Dahmer, I mean Buttgig, comes off to normal people as too much, as a kind of perverse desire to conform, to impersonate the characteristics of the red-blooded American persona…. It comes off as try-hard and gay.

    Who knows? It might work. It worked in the case of Obama, but at least he did a half-good job at pretending to be a straight black guy, at least good enough to fool some of America anyways. They didn’t know linebacker Michael “Michelle” pegged him. I don’t know if it’s called pegging. I mean, is it pegging if it’s a real cock? I don’t know.

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