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Helen Andrews’ Boomers shows the futility of the publishing oligopoly, which takes most of your money and still lets you get obvious facts wrong. But the alternate option – self-publishing without expert help – is also doomed to failure


A refugee from Roger Black’s harem of cute young things, on what basis does Matthew Butterick dare to pass judgement on men?


“Typography doesn’t exist, it isn’t important, and I’m really good at it anyway”


Type designer Ellmer Stefan is probably not a child molester the way Eric Gill was, but that’s not stopping him from attempting to prevent you from using his fonts to typeset words he doesn’t like


Avuncular type designer Gerard Unger died last November. I was pleased to meet him


I measured actual point sizes of type on an iPhone X


Buddies, the AIDS drama about typesetting


Art. Lebedev shows what subway typography can look like


Fontmemes, plus the worst bookmarks export ever

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