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I gave a presentation on TTC typography to a group of aging computer scientists and mathematical typesetters. Then I toured them through the subway. And they loved me


Do TTC farecards have to be accessible? Yes, but despite what David Lepofsky says, we don’t need to throw out the baby with the bathwater. (Though getting off Windows will help)


Why is TTC funnelling $2.6 million – without further tenders – to a single company, Devlin? (Yes, it’s about the TTC Web site)


Time’s Up, TTC: How do I get into the elevator at Dundas?


Time’s Up, TTC: Which handwritten sign do I trust to get the 512?


Time’s Up, TTC: Why do the advertising information screens always say “Information not available”?


Time’s Up, TTC (3): Collectors barricading selves in booths


Time’s Up, TTC (2): Who let that lady tack up the sign protesting the Ukrainian genocide?


We’ve been waiting and waiting for TTC to fix its signage problem. Time is up

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None. I quit.

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