Second in the Time’s Up, TTC series

With the tremendous crush of humanity filing past the collector’s booth at Christie station, who could pass up an opportunity to make a pressing political point about the – indeed merely a – Ukrainian genocide?

It happened a short 70 years ago and it is surely an issue of crushing and urgent importance to, say, a nearby Korean immigrant eager to buy a few tokens.

This professionally-printed, if not -designed, posterette sat in the vitrine during the graveyard shift for about a week and a half last December. One particular female collector seemed to be the prowd owner and mounter of this placard, though at least one clearly unrelated male collector just left it up no problem during his own shift.

Remember! Ten million died! And what you do is you just go five stations east to Yonge then take the northbound train to Eglinton.

Today’s photo set

Protesting the Holodomor genocide at Christie

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