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The late Andrew Wilfahrt’s father read my previous post and provided a statement about Andrew and his need for male camaraderie, among other issues


Decadent gay bloggers cannot be bothered championing the case of Bradley Manning. Meanwhile, what the late Andrew Wilfahrt stood for simply unnerves them


The formative multisensory design experience, here involving Bryan Ferry


An AIDS Committee of Toronto campaign erases old gay men, despite putting four of them in an ad


Old gay males stumble into the light at the homosexualist film festival and wonder: Where did all these guys come from?


Andrew Haigh can afford to be generous. Instead he went for cruel and snide


Gay cinema is a Cinema of Recognition, of which Weekend is the latest example (now updated, then updated again with the shiv Andrew Haigh stuck in)


What’s the lesson out soccer player Anton Hysén has to teach us? That there’s no cultural place for the masculine gay male

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