Let me adapt somebody else’s geopolitical analysis (see below) to our debased “LGBT+” reality.

  1. China has a naval base in Djibouti, bafflingly. (The U.S. and Japan also have bases there.) China has untold investments in Africa and halfway runs the place. Djibouti is a quick sortie by tank convoy to the hotspots of Somalia, Ethiopia, and Eritrea.

  2. Han Chinese are ethnocentric, have no “white guilt,” and are not kind to their internal minorities (numbering more than 50), particularly Tibetans and Uyghurs. By no means are all those minorities “Oriental.” China floods troublesome minority provinces with Han Chinese.

  3. China, like Japan, intentionally rewrites and lies about history.

  4. Applying the same logic I use when trying to persuade first‑ and second-generation vizmins and children of immigrants to retain their ancestral languages (at any cost): Everything’s working great for you now in English, but spool out 500 years into the future and ask yourself how many people on Earth will be speaking your original language. (How’d that work out for the Indians?) You don’t speak it and your kids won’t, either. Maybe their kids will feel a lack, but probably not, and it might be too late anyway. Your five centuries’ worth of unilingual descendants will do nought but contribute to the death of your language.

Now picture Djibouti even a century hence. China will have flooded the place with Chinese and will have de facto control over the country. In fact, they may do a reverse Hong Kong or Macau and buy Djibouti outright. But they probably won’t need to: There will be so many Chinese in the country (true for everyone’s living memory) that they’ll be able to say with a straight face that Djibouti has always been Chinese.

What about black people? Blacks aren’t Han. But China historically has hosted many minorities, not all of them even vaguely resembling Han Chinese. Plus China is so committed to colonies off the mainland that it bought a couple of them back in a previous century. Of course the Ethiopic Djibouti blacks were always part of China. And since China will control the Internet and will write all the textbooks and run all the schools, it will be impossible to locate contradictory evidence without leaving the country, which, actually, they might make it difficult or impossible to do, or just not worth it.

Now picture “LGBT+” a century hence.

  1. Progressives, particularly White ones, will have driven nonbelievers off the Internet, and in fact made them unemployable by doxxing. Progressives will have attained most of their actual goal of destroying, killing, and exterminating their enemies, à la South Africa. That will have happened in every country that ever protected gay and lesbian rights (including South Africa) and will have been a done deal for generations.

  2. Queer and trans* will do what China did to Tibet – flood Tumblr with postings insisting that Stonewall was started by brave transwymmyn of colour (who “threw the first brick” on an asphalt street with concrete sidewalks and uncrumbled buildings).

  3. Men have always had vaginas and women have always had penises, progressives and queer and trans* activists will insist. Wikipedia will back them up. Only printed and filmed sources could possibly contradict their claims, and those will be carefully locked up in queer‑ and trans*-operated “LGBT” archives, like Toronto’s.

    As with the Great War, the last witnesses will have long since died.

Hence, long before China will have dared to insist Djibouti was always Chinese, queer and trans* will have succeeded in rewriting (this means deliberately lying about) not just gay and lesbian history but human biology. Dare to disagree and a brave bearded transwoman in her ex-wife’s panties will pierce your temple with her size-12 stilettos and post iPhone video of it on Twitter from her verified account.

You will always have loved Big Brother, who will always have had a “front hole.” Say another fucking word and you’ll get thrown in the slammer (halal food only) for hate speech.

In some guise, then, yes, this is a matter of life and death.


Kai Chang and Frame Games Radio (YouTube, ≈39:02, ≈57:50):

KAI CHANG: The area that you and I know as China now used to be much more ethnically diverse. The Han Chinese is now, like, 99% [91.6%] of China, and that wasn’t the case 200 years ago. The Han is just very, very good at genociding, raping, and erasing people.


— And, and then, there isn’t like some guilty person that goes on a so-sorry tour and apologizes to all the people that were genocided, but they’re literally erased. And interestingly, you can actually watch a version of it happening right now before your eyes. Look at what’s going on in Tibet. As you may know, there’s a recent article about how, because of sex-selective abortions, China has a massive surplus of unmarried males.

— Mm, yeah.

— And, as a matter of social control, China is sending some of their surplus males to Tibet, and the idea is to marry local Tibetan girls, have children with them, raise the children as Chinese, and effectively in two generations erase Tibet as a distinct ethnic group – breed them out. And at that point it’ll be absorbed, and then China will look you straight in the eye and say, “Yeah, this part of the world has always been China. There’s no such thing as Tibet.”

— No way!

[…] And of course we’ll erase all evidence afterwards, so… we’ll look at you straight in the eye and say, “Yeah, this entire part has always been part of China.” “But what about the historical record?” “No-no-no-no, don’t look at that, don’t look at that. There’s nothing to look at there.” […]

They set up a forward base there… the far eastern edge of Africa [Djibouti]. They actually set up a naval station there where their warships can refuel and rearm. And that’s the thing, it’s that when China ultimately starts conquering, natives will be crying out for the White hand when the Chinese hand is [around] their throats.

Because the Chinese, they don’t have this sort of Christian guilt that the Whites are constrained by. They will simply crush them, and then look you straight in the eye and say “Yeah, this part of Africa has always been Chinese. This has always been Chinese. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “Are those bodies over there?” “No-no-no-no, that’s not bodies, man. No-no-no-no. Look at all these statues that we’ve already erected. It’s been there for hundreds of years, man.” […] And they’ll just create a brand-new history that will dovetail with whatever’s there.

(UPDATE, 2018.11.11) Only the second Djiboutian I have actually talked to denied up and down that in 50 years China will insist Djibouti was always Chinese. “Chinese are only interested in the money.”

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