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Local journos are falling down on the job in reporting the history and true extent of the latest string of incidents plaguing the “embattled” TTC


Do you want a safe transit system or not? Safe for whom, exactly?


TTC is holding a “competition” to landscape the surrounds of the giant new streetcar house on the fringes of Leslieville. And here’s my submission. (Spoiler: There’s only one winner and the panel has to have the guts to say so)


The Spacers run an entire post about TTC signage. Whom don’t they mention?


Do TTC farecards have to be accessible? Yes, but despite what David Lepofsky says, we don’t need to throw out the baby with the bathwater. (Though getting off Windows will help)


How exactly would we use today’s TTC fares with an electronic farecard? (With undue complication, it seems)


TTC is hiring a “design architect – wayfinding and signage.” One more cook who uses windows and handwrites in BLOCK CAPITALS is not going to unspoil the broth


Seamlessly elegant transportation experiences (à la A. Greenfield) are not gonna happen here


TTC induced designers to work on spec designing streetcar interiors, which it can then turn around and simply hand to Bombardier

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