(UPDATED 2008.07.23, 2009.04.30)    I have completed my first round of research into the TTC Web-site contract. The easiest thing to report is the bid totals.

The winner, Devlin, bid about $432,000. Like several other bidders, including Bell and Radiant Core, Devlin applied to have the money portions severed from the released records. I’ll be appealing that, I’ll win, and I’ll report the results. (Bell withdrew its appeal; figures published below.) Such a severing was particularly pointless in Devlin’s case, given that the result was published. (Then again, bidders applied to have information severed from one page of a document that was clearly reiterated on another page. You must be new here.)

Four bids were deemed noncompliant for various reasons – those of Advoca, Bell (yes), eSolutions, and Intrafinity.

I have the internal reviews and scoring for most bidders and will publish those as soon as I figure out a reasonably comprehensible manner of doing so. Figures below include all mandatory and any optional elements. Keep in mind that every company listed below lost.

Bid totals for TTC Web redesign
Company Total
Mindblossom $990,315
Bell (added 2008.07.23) $862,843
Website Experts $687,442.80
Radiant Core (presumably; added 2009.04.30) $663,425.20
Brandworks $611,666.92
Fourth Wall $611,290.60
Cyberplex $599,494.20
EnvisionIT $576,353.94
Infinite Media $449,837.50
OpenSource $448,524
Tiny Planet $366,062.37
Imex $357,732
eSolutions $214,809.60
Intrafinity $114,798
The Active Network $109,309

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