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Facts about TTC Web development, including outside vendors and costs


Do TTC farecards have to be accessible? Yes, but despite what David Lepofsky says, we don’t need to throw out the baby with the bathwater. (Though getting off Windows will help)


Why is TTC funnelling $2.6 million – without further tenders – to a single company, Devlin? (Yes, it’s about the TTC Web site)


Who were the principals behind the TTC bid firms?

Oh: And whom was I in bed with?


TTC’s internal calculations ranking bidders on its Web redesign. Fascinating (and updated with actually correct numbers)


I have completed my first round of research into the TTC Web-site contract. The easiest thing to report is the bid totals


Some questions I posed (without response)


Because they were the only qualified bidder.


And the winner of the TTC Web redesign contract is…



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None. I quit.

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