(NOW WITH CORRECT FIGURES)    I said I’d be posting TTC’s actual numerical evaluations of the bids submitted by Web shops as soon as I figured out how to comprehensibly present them.

Weeks of ruminating over it, with an imagined Linux open-source Randroid getting on my case for posting an Excel file (now a published file format, just like HTML or PDF), led me to give up. I spent those weeks trying to figure out a way of presenting a gigantic HTML table, something I’m usually good at, and again gave up. If you want the actual rankings, mail me and I’ll send you the file (Excel only whether you like it or not).

These are my computations based on TTC’s own criteria:

  • Corporate qualifications/organizational capacity (15%)
  • Staff qualifications (20%)
  • Demonstrated effectiveness of previous Web-site redesign projects (15%)
  • Proposed methodology (50%)

Perhaps foolishly, I did not note the results of TTC’s own computations. (Then again, I barely got all this into the computer before my time was up.)

TTC’s own evaluations of Web-redevelopment bids
(corrected figures as of 2008.06.18)
Company Weighted point total
Website Experts/Hostopia 9.21
Active Network 33.54
Fourth Wall 44.25
Cyberplex 46.92
Infinite Media 53.875
Radiant Core 54.42
Brandworks 55.04
BadMath 55.21
EnvisionIT 57.04
Imex 58.88
Mindblossoms 64.46
Tiny Planet 69.54
Devlin 85.92

Intrafinity NC had no score.

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