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For the first time ever, the TTC took the advice of somebody outside the company (for the Museum station subway diversion of May 2010)


Why is TTC funnelling $2.6 million – without further tenders – to a single company, Devlin? (Yes, it’s about the TTC Web site)


Matthew fucking Blackett is now on the TTC customer-service panel


The TTC union wants to hold town-hall meetings with riders. Fine – but meet with citizen journalists first. (I’ll arrange it)


It turns out that Adam Giambrone and the Toronto Transit Commission do more than set “policy.” They buy individual sheets of paper and specify what your shoes will touch at Union station


When you’re driving streetcar 4225, don’t lie to the passenger (or call the “police”) on him. And if you’re his supervisor, don’t lie, either

4232 chalked onto outside of articulation between streetcar halves

Everything from E-commerce to a study of the Downtown Relief Line has been “deferred” from the TTC budget


TTC “Special Constables” have demonstrably not been “educating” the public about new fines for infractions

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