I asked the person in charge of the public viewing of TTC’s Bay Lower station during Doors Open to reply to my posting on the topic, specifically the issue of hours. I told her three hours on one day “will not suffice to remedy forty years of being sequestered away from public view. Running public tours throughout both days of Doors Open is the least the TTC can do at this point.”

The response?

Thanks very much for your comments, but, at this time, we have no intention of expanding the hours of the open house to Bay Lower.

As this is our first experience with opening Bay Lower to the public, we need to make sure that we do it properly and safely. If things go well, then we may look at expanding to two days and longer hours next year.

“Spoken like a true TTC executive, who never found a transit fan they couldn’t penalize.”

I then asked about free admission. This, at least, we’re getting: “Anyone who enters the subway at Bay station specifically to see Bay Lower as part of the Doors Open tour will not be required to pay a fare.”

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