Today I hosted the first TTC Type & Tile Tour. We began way the hell out at Vic Park with an examination of the posted drawings for the planned renovation of the station (destroying numerous previously indestructible enamelled-steel signs in the process, replacing them with windows), proceeded to Main Street, Pape, the museum of test signage that is St. George, and Spadina with its cautionary-tale Walmer exit. We finished at Bathurst, where, in an audience-participation segment, I challenged attendees to figure out how to take the train just from the Sheppard-style signage. (You can go east, but only via elevator, and if you want to go west you can apparently take a bus, streetcar, or train.)

I learned quite a bit. (Did you know? Vic Park used to have a fare collector at the arse end of the westbound platform!) Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Good mix of young and middle-aged, including several wymmynz.

The most amazing fact? I got 50 people to show up and follow me around like the Pied Piper for two hours and ten minutes. Fifty! And we went almost completely unnoticed by TTC staff, which could be interpreted in a less salutary manner.

We are gonna do it all over again next Sunday, this time in a longer tour of Yonge, University, Spadina, and Sheppard lines. Check the tour page for details.

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