– Mark E. Smith

Advice to anyone riding the perplexing, borderline-pointless 26S Dupont short-turn bus: Don’t ever argue with the young black guy who started driving the route this week (his first of six, unless something happens) over his cellphone use. Suddenly you might find the bus parked – twice – so he can stand behind the white line and yell at you, call you an ass three times, and threaten to destroy or steal your camera.

All the while, he’ll inexplicably be holding three $5 bills.

And, should you later choose to have a supervisor called over, that supervisor will take your report and also lie to your face and state that photography isn’t allowed on TTC property.

Did you know there’s more? There’s more.

The same young black male bus driver will induce you, and everyone else on the bus, to leave the bus by the back door so you won’t be able to jot down the run number visible only through the windshield. If you walk to the front and take a picture anyway, he’ll close the door and drive off in a rush. The problem is that someone might still be trapped in the bus while he does that.

All this happened to me last night. TTC: Your safety partner.

Question for Bob Kinnear: Are these the kind of “operators” you really want on hand to replace the sarcastic, uncaring old guys who are dying off and retiring?

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