Fifth in the Time’s Up, TTC series

Those OneStop advertising information panels that won’t tell you when your subway station is on fire, or, less hyperbolically, won’t tell you half a block of Queen street is, now won’t tell you anything. For days and days and days, as the new panels at Greenwood consistently show. (Not the only location where this happens, by the way.)

Screen shows ‘Information not available’ at bottom, four blank weather squares (one with sun icon)

(But I guess the weather tomorrow is sunny? For every tomorrow?)

This configuration strikes me as significantly worse than just turning the damned things off (or leaving them off until they’re connected to the network, as often happens). But when you’re the TTC and you outsource vital customer information to an advertising company, with a contract that doesn’t even guarantee minimum space for information vs. advertising, this is what happens.

I have also witnessed confused people standing there for ages trying..
to piece together the..
message communicated by the..
sign at the bottom during a..
disruption in 501 Queen…
streetcar service at..

This was at 1:00 in the morning. It turned out the disruption was long since over, and had they given up on trying to read the sign when I did, they could have walked right onto the streetcar.

Did you know it’s almost child’s play to snap a picture of these things rebooting?

Today’s photo set

OneStop: Information not available. (I’ll just keep snapping these every day and uploading them until information becomes available.)

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