Some discussion fora are even more disreputable than DataLounge and RealJock. Some fora’s names even dare to eschew interCaps.

  • T777:

    The more common hot successful women would be lawyers, or those who got in on the ground floor of a startup that succeeded (which only a very small percent do).

    LOL. The real world isn’t like television, Harjit.

    Lawyerettes are glorified paralegals who will leave the practice as soon as they get a shiny rock on their insectile little finger or they’re soon-to-be-embittered, hard-drinking career womyn with visible cellulite sag underneath their Ann Taylor loft pantsuit.

  • Not T777:

    The modern normie desires to live in a sitcom as this is the highest ideal to be pursued under ZOG. 21st-century man may be over-medicated, physically weak, lonely and disposable, but gee whiz his life sure is wacky. Thus, modern customer service and even workplace relationships are predicated on curating the optimal sitcom experience.

    Imagine spending your morning under your goofy, fun-loving boss who lets all his employees know that he plays Thundercats video games on his i‑phone. His quirks (he’s probably a furry) ultimately remind you that HE IS HUMAN, just like you, and you should just excuse his ambitions and sociopathy as part of his immaturity, his major character flaw, which is also what makes him so authentic.

    Lunchtime arrives. You go grab a quiche and a macchiato at the local coffee shop. You exchange some banter with the cutie waitress (her name is Liz and she thinks you’re gross) while her boss acts all cantankerous in the background (he used to loudly announce that he was the quiche Nazi every day to let customers know he was very serious about his quiches while also not being very serious, until Donald Trump made Nazi jokes problematic). You come back to the workplace only to see your wacky boss dancing in an ironically bad fashion to Macklemore’s “Dance Off.” A coworker performs the appropriate sigh while another rolls her eyes, to signal to your boss that the desired effect was achieved. You work for the next few hours while an American-born Asian coworker bumps rap music in the background, preferably Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day” or 50 Cent’s “P.I.M.P.” (nigger music in the workplace, that’s crazy).

    Then, after you drive home listening only to THE FINEST MACKLEMORE (“Thrift Shop,” “Penis Song,” “Bush Song,” a replay of “Dance Off,” all classics), you order some Chinese food which you will drink with kombucha, recommended to you by your wacky friend, who amongst his many eccentricities is a kombucha enthusiast (the name sounds funny), while you catch up on your favorite sitcom, Aziz Ansari’s Master of None, and laugh at how the flustered Dravidian getting sassed by a quirky waitress reminds you of Liz back at the coffee shop, and how she’ll totally date you once make enough self-deprecating jokes about how your life is going nowhere (at the same time, you of course appreciate how you eating fast food alone in your apartment while watching a sitcom is just like how the sitcom protagonist eats fast food alone in his apartment while watching a sitcom).

    Yes, once Liz sees how authentic you are, she’ll be sure to go out with you just so she can hear more wacky stories about how your ex-girlfriend cheated on you with her MMA instructor while you were off at your father’s funeral. You smile to yourself softly while Aziz Ansari makes a joke about how pathetic his orgasm sounds in the background.

    Today was a good day.

    Cf.Human Capital.”

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