And most people have to choose between those things at the very outset of their work. Um and so in a sense like it’s like OK say you’re you’re you’re Aimee Terese. You have to basically tell the story of how the um progressive movement um you know considered in its whole as a century-long American phenomenon – of course it existed before the Soviet Union as well as after it. Um and you have to basically tell the story of how um uh the uh professional/managerial class – have I got the terminology right? – uh how the professional/managerial class basically um um you know takes over from the workers and does these bad things. […]

Um you know and so, the fact that this revolution, which was never about the goddamn workers, then threw the workers under the bus and decided it would be about identity politics is in fact completely consistent with its entire nature from beginning to end! It’s not even surprising at all, and so basically [laughs] you know for someone like Aimee who I’m sure is crazy and wonderful um not to mention big and natural um [laughs] you know haha it’s um um the um um um um I apologize for that, uh, Aimee, if you’re listening um um uuum uuum the um I’m repeating a comment that someone else made um and and the um um the um uh this is not my joke and and I don’t even – I have no even knowledge at all of the subject and and the um um

Ladies and gentledykes, your thought leader of the New Right (cf. Malice’s The New Right, pp. 138–139 inter alia).

Then, of course, there’s how he writes.

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