Krusty: “Get ready for two weeks at the happiest place on earth – Tijuana!”

Here we have the happiest homosexualist photograph of the year, which I could also restate as the photograph with the happiest homosexualists of the year.

Black dude in garish pup hood has arm around stocky guy with nose ring and rubber shirting

We take male sexuality much too far half the time, which indeed makes them hate and envy us, but we also come up with fetishes that aren’t actually fetishes. The kind of thing where everybody has good clean fun and nobody goes home feeling ashamed or dirty or sullied. Dressing up is good clean fun, whether in mildly customized commercial pup hoods (note also he’s a black negro of colour, and note the Apple Watch, because we are not savages here) or in rubber outfits that almost never work on a dude that size. (Teal latex overhauls are a fashion-forward choice if you’re slim and hirsute.)

You can wear these getups on the subway ride to the venue and in the Uber on the way home. You can walk there in these getups. Tons o’ fun.

Now, the dude that size just married his dude that size, whom he could pretty much deadlift. I still don’t understand skin illustrations on black dudes.

But aren’t you having fun looking at this picture? Wish you were there?

Breeders don’t have access to any of this shit.

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