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I can no longer achieve the goal exhorted by an old friend – to become microwave-cooking editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine


Profile of Ian Hislop; fascinating interview with plummy-voiced in-house lawyer


Jason McBride does not quite recapitulate an old Spy article for Toronto Life


“The [Long-Awaited] End of White Toronto” and “The [Long-Awaited] End of Gender”


Flowery, grandiloquent Craig Mod and developer-autistic Marco Arment are being disingenuous when they claim not to have defined a new publishing style. They have – and, after the manner of Butt and FANTASTIC MAN, it will now be copied


Who’s up for writing an oral history of Frank?


Ideally, I show, with dog in lap


What the offices of FANTASTIC MAN (and, presumably, Butt) look like


The incompetents at Toronto Life, who can’t even mark up a table of contents, just bought Torontoist

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None. I quit.

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