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Behold the small megabin (not quite an oxymoron; perverse official name: EcoMupi) in front of the 7-Eleven. Is it really worse than the store’s own sign?

Four-foot-high billboard with garbage receptacle on the edge sits at curb, while movable 7-Eleven sign, held down by bricks, reads SPECIAL BIG BITE HOT DOG 2 FOR $2.99

Anyway, this thing was supposed to have been removed by August 5.


When it comes to megabins, is Eucan CEO Rolando Garcia prone to error or prone to lying?


Megabins voted out of existence, though perhaps not till 2008


Here’s what I’ve done in 3½ months as attestations of my interest in the city and neighbourhood I live in


Notes from street-furniture session, Metro Hall, 2006.03.06


How to redesign megabins in two hours flat


Added: City of Toronto staff report on megabins (plus an oddball nugget about the Toronto Public Space Committee)


City of Toronto survey data on megabins published


Online respondents hate Toronto’s proposed new billboards disguised as garbage cans, but telephone and in-person respondents tend to like them

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