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Concerning ‘Spacing’ magazine, the Toronto Public Space Committee, and, naturally, Spacers


Happy tenth anniversary to Matt Blackett of Spacing


Shawn Micallef thinks it’s fine when someone as rich as he wishes to become tears down a historic property – but ever so deplorable when anyone else does it


A ringing endorsement of half of Half an endorsement of
The Chairs Are Where the People Go by Glouberman (“with” Heti)


Is it the Spacers?


The so-called Story Board blog deleted its own findings about “the least effective magazine editor [respondents] worked with in 2010.” Cowards


The Spacers run an entire post about TTC signage. Whom don’t they mention?


Matthew fucking Blackett is now on the TTC customer-service panel


Matt Blackett of Spacing really ought to stop accusing me of getting “facts” wrong


Dapper Matt Blackett plans to republish blog comments in a book, without permission or payment, it seems

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