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Helvetica in situ

Hairy, muscled, tattooed pectoral in B&W photo alongside WA

The CN/CP usage of Helvetica – particularly CP Rail’s Helvetica Bold Italic (other example) – is seared into the memory of a specific generation.

7020 in Helvetica Bold Italic on a rusty railcar
Helvetica numerals 147 on scarlet-red machinery
SHOVE on giant sign under soaring peaked glass roof
Store window has the word ‘the’ in green; inside the window sits a game package called Creature
Beaten-up façade sits behind scaffolding. Helvetica letters read FOOD
Giant red sign on Canadian Tire inside wall shows child in hockey mask with the letterspaced Helvetica word “Playing’
Modern house, barely illuminated at nighttime, has the word FIFTEEN in Helvetica over its front window
Under grey skies, the inside of a smoked-glass bus shelter shows Glen Manor Dr in backwards Helvetica


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