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It was indeed an exciting afternoon on March 24 as Master Luke euthanized the Veldt. We had a valiant run. We lived gloriously and by God we died gloriously. My esteemed colleague, who had hosted my sites for upwards of four years, will shortly be taken vigorously to dinner and thanked with extreme sanction.

One is now hosted by young Matt Müllenweg, a developer of WordPress, the content-management system all the hip kids are now starting to use. I’m neither hip nor a kid, but I’m glad to announce I have entered the 21st century: fawny.blog is no longer handrolled. (Neither is Axxlog, but that is old news.)

Yes, dear friends, that means:

  1. each posting can have its own page
  2. you need not load an entire month’s postings at a time because I failed to subdivide them into, say, weekly increments
  3. page anchors are largely done away with
  4. I’m using UTF-8 encoding, which simplifies typography
  5. categories and a functioning search engine (that will, of course, report search terms back to me for later publication)
  6. and, yes, ravening hordes, you finally get a goddamned RSS feed. You can get off my damned case

Certain layout features will continue to be improved, particularly the page footer. Also, anticipated additions are as follows:

  • Photographs
  • Blogroll: Yes, you finally may learn what sites I read (apart from the obvious response, “seemingly all of them”)
  • Better navigation, including morally-correct, semantic designer navbars
  • Possible declared WCAG AAA compliance, but this is dicey by definition

And wait till you see what Matt and I have up our sleeves for a future edition of WordPress. Let me put it to you this way: If you thought captions and both kinds of descriptions (long and audio) were too much of pain in the arse before, you’re about to be pleasantly surprised.

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