And speaking of relay services: If you hack Sprint’s astonishingly-noncompliant site, you can eventually watch ASL videos explaining the IP-relay process. It’s a rare case of subtitled online video: There’s no speech, only sign.

Now, what happens if you’re a woman and want a female relay operator? Let the nebbishy pipsqueak male actor fill you in!

‘When the operator receives the call, they will place a female agent on the call to be consistent with your gender’

And as a public service, here’s the full list of QuickTime videos, including one they don’t want you to see.

  1. Introduction
  2. Dialing Instruction
  3. Number to Dial
  4. Language Preference
  5. Connect to Relay Operator
  6. Connect to Customer Service
  7. Copy and Paste
  8. ASL Emoticons
  9. Background Color
  10. Clear
  11. Disconnect
  12. GA, SK and PLS HOLD
  13. Print
  14. Save
  15. Text Size and Color

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