Second in an ongoing series. And I rarely use that last syllable.

Cutaway diagrams!

Two cutaway diagrams of the Canon EOS-1D

I adore these things. Who needs the actual camera?

Arthur’s error page

‘Error Page’ in backwards type, plus ‘Want to print using Netscape on a Mac? Access this same page with printable black text’

OK, first, I lay claim to the idea of running the page header backwards on an error page, and what’s this business about a special page to print in Netscape? Print stylesheets and @import, anyone?

That’s exactly the kind of Diwali celebration I was looking for!

‘Celebrate this Diwali with a Citibank Rupee Checking Account!

So the Japanese are really going to respond to a black guy in a banner ad?

MyDoom banner ad featuring brown-skinned black model

I checked other Microsoft sites and found the same photo with different-language copy. Is this localization without internationalization or vice-versa?

Friends don’t let friends let smart quotes run amok

‘But he is taking his idea—”the buffalo proposal,” he calls it—’

Just give up and don’t use Word for HTML. And the <nospace><em dash><nospace> typography simply does not work online.

CAPTCHA gone mad?

CAPTCHA image showing the word ‘honor’ with a blue bar through it. Black graph paper and concentric pastel circles sit behind it

Here we have an off-colour bar sinister through the word and a gridded background straight out of a Cherry Blossom commercial. Do those not render any OCR device functionally blind? Bit of an irony there?

No, I bloody well did not mean Palatino Italic swash

Google spelling correction asking ‘Did you mean: palatino italic swash’

A typical high-contrast photo

Black-and-white photo of hirsute man taking a swig of water

It’s from the site that’s hardest to make accessible of any I know. It would have been easy enough to do from scratch, but a retrofit borders on the impossible.

Universal Access used by key macros

QuicKeys setup screen instructs you to activate Universal Access

Who would have thought?

It’s now at the stage where the NBA itself promotes basketball with white guys

New Jersey Nets popup ad: ‘NBA 2004 Playoffs. Be there!’

Now, am I wrong about this?

Yet another quality Web site from the Toronto Star

Three article slugs from thestar.ca have headlines reading ‘Head is here and it fits,’ ‘Here’a another headline,’ and ‘The head goes here’

Curiously anthropomorphic display typography

‘Tickle Your Brain: The Classic IQ Test’

Reminiscent of Isbell, actually.

And how am I supposed to find those seven needles in the 22,269 haystacks?

‘Acrobat was able to make this document accessible but... [s]ome unknown font encodings encoutered [7 of 22269 glyphs]’

There is more than one “executive woman of colour”?

‘Executive Women of Colour: The Diversity Channel Interviews Jane E. Smith’

And back in the olden days, Eudora would declare “You might as well stop typing. Nobody’s listening”

Eudora error message: ‘The nickname you typed is... carry the two, subtract the square of Oklahoma... well, it’s too long’

Yes, I bloody well am sure I want to open Acrobat documents with Acrobat

‘Are you sure you want to change all your Acrobat 6.0 Professional documents to open with the application “Acrobat 6.0 Professional”?’

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