1. Astronomy Picture of the Day
  2. The Old Car Manual Project. Cf. losing the Bricklin manual
  3. Takedown: Tough-guy dating site. [In John Cleese British Pathé–inspired voice] “Brawlerboy hails from east London. His interests include submission wrestling and Thai boxing. And with dramatic lighting like that, B’boy, we’re sure you’ll find the NHB you’re looking for!”
  4. Mini Woody, from, of course, Italy
  5. Text on Things. I’m thinking of starting a category for such myself.
  6. BigMuscle(Bears) userIDs de l’instant: Huskerdude and Fin Diesel. (The Finns are usually quite horse-faced and homely, which this fella’s horrorshow photograph neither confirms nor denies.) Also Toddo, of course.
  7. The old Kurzweil Reading Machine. To this day I can still get one of these up and reading, though I can’t do much more with it.
  8. VisualJournalism.com
  9. Pap(p)adams: Try this at home (Cf. original query)
  10. I think guys in chairs with dyed-red hair are the hottest. I always read their profiles!
  11. Beyond Lisping: Code-switching and gay speech styles
  12. The Bible and the Semantic Web
  13. Transcript of Bruce Sterling at Microsoft Corporation:

    Half the people in the audience normally attend because it’s on the last day and a lot of people leave anyway. They showed up and some kind of flash mob thing occurred. There was some kind of electronically assisted gathering happening at my house. Because people were showing up and they were showing up in buddy lists. It wasn’t just the usual foot traffic of one and two people. There would be at half-past one…there were sudden clusters or armadas of taxis coming in from two or three directions and people would get out of the taxis and are name-checking each other and sort of clustering together and coming into the party in a mass. Guys are phone-camming the party.

  14. Collapsing-spring keyboards, but still none with USB. Also: The old Model M (and in French)
  15. How do I convert HTML to PDF? And when you manage it (as I have), why isn’t the resulting documen a tagged PDF?
  16. JOE CLARK starkers and covered in baby oil… at last!” Cleaning me up would be like de-skunking a dog
  17. Kitty photo of the month (my sole concession to cuteness): Labrador retriever terrorized
  18. Blind for a day
  19. Redesigning the validator. You do understand what the validator is for by now, don’t you? If not, ask (or trackback and we can start one of those Weblog-style conversations)
  20. Google can’t read this: XML files are sometimes unreadable, which makes no sense at all, seeing as how it can index old WordPerfect files
  21. Visual Thesaurus
  22. Best of Google Answers
  23. One of several headless laptops. Who needs a screen?
  24. PixelBlocks: Building blocks that, in essence, produce a Commodore 64–resolution version of Idoru
  25. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch
  26. Touring Standard Deluxe, a screenprinting house.
  27. Frish, a symphony in brown. Love that Dutch: Michael Moore wint Palme d’Or met Fahrenheit 911; WordPress 1.2 is uit
  28. The Book of Bunny Suicides. Bunnies continue their memetic onslaught. Also Crap Towns: The 50 Worst Places To Live In The UK. And how did they narrow it down to 50?
  29. BigMuscleTypographicInstallation
  30. DTD-Mapper. Good idea, though possibly not very useful.
  31. 3D CSS Box Model. The mapping of 3D onto a 2D illustration makes it impossible to understand in the most important details, like margins and padding. Similarly, Separation: Thoughts and Illustration uses too-abstract (and arbitrary) components of a simple diagram of a sphere in a cube
  32. Blind Chance: David Faucheux’s Audio Weblog. A nice accessibility solution for blind people – audioblogs. Right? Wrong. It encourages illiteracy (blind people’s spelling is often terrible if they don’t read Braille) and causes other inaccessibilities. If you upload dictation, don’t you have to caption it?
  33. Digital Talking Books Daily

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