Third in an ongoing series.

Also not kidding anybody

A.C. Newman, resplendent with red hair and blue eyes A laughably anemic puff piece in the Times Magazine is a literal cover story to run loving photographs of one of the two redheads in the New Pornographers.

“Clean-cut to the point of camp.” How closety is that?

Yet another quality Web page from the Toronto Star

I’m gonna need to put these together in a list or something. You’d think I’d have that marked up in an ol already.

Headline reads: Some hon. members: `’

Hard or on the down low?

You can’t make this shit up.

Two gay ‘dating’ ads read ‘Canadian-born black guy here... It’s just sex, so let’s have some fun with it!’ and ‘is a “discreet hot guy” you’ve seen and wondered... Straight-acting/-seeming is the way I am and also what gets my attention’


Lynx isn’t the sole text-only browser. There’s also the distinctly-named Links, which can handle tables and frames, including the most frame-heavy site short of Gmail, Linotype.

Text-only view of multiple frames

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None. I quit.

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