1. Thivessen: “Being an X-phile is like being gay in showbiz: gives people something to talk about.”
  2. Ruggerses:
    1. Village Voice: “After Mark Bingham, an openly gay businessman and collegiate rugby champion from San Francisco, helped overpower the terrorists who hijacked Flight 93 on 9-11, more than a dozen new gay teams formed, many in Texas and on the West Coast. Part of this popularity is a tribute to Bingham and a chance for gay men to emulate someone whose heroism was acknowledged on a national stage that’s usually hostile to rough queer bodies.”
    2. Seamus McStebbins: “He didn’t invent gay rugby. He didn’t start any gay teams. Gay people were playing rugby long before he came along. He wasn’t even that supportive of a gay team at first. There were international tournaments and gatherings before the one named after him. The first gay rugby team was founded in 1995… six years before that fateful day. Ian Roberts was out and proud long before then, too. Learn your history, people.”
    3. Chad Smith (op. cit.): “[A] blogger sent an annoying message berating me for not updating my weblog, without expressing any consideration of what [I] may actually be doing with my life.” Yeah, that would be me. I said he was too busy being happy to update his site. It’s true, you know? “[I] scheduled my MRI,” Chad wrote; I told him to publish the results, à la Russell Crowe. And then, two months later, Chad shows up on the cover of Out.
  3. In a Brian Pronger scenario, where gay researchers coïncidentally have amusing names, one reads of “Harry Cocks, University of London, [who] will be talking about how the gay community used code words such as ‘genuine and sincere’ in lonely-hearts columns and personal ads… to find a ‘broad-minded’ pal of the same sex between 1915 and 1921.” Also: “Laura Doan, University of Manchester, will describe her work to get access to the Home Office files, originally closed until 2040, about the banning of Radclyffe Hall’s groundbreaking lesbian novel The Well of Loneliness.”
  4. The Rose Has Thorns is an anti-hate crimes campaign” with a great name.
  5. Segways: Not tested with crips, but used by them anyway!
  6. Advice columnists clone themselves: “ ‘We all fancy we’re so unique that our readers would want to hear only from us.’ ”
  7. Hugh Dillon looking good. He gave me a strong and probing look the last time he walked by. I reverted to celebrity mode (“You can’t treat them special”) and did not return his cruise. I Am Joe(’s) Dick?
  8. “I’m imagining some time in the next ten years or so when I just wake up and grab something that looks like GoGo Yubari’s mace with a motor at the end. ‘Hmmm… well, seventeen blades is a bit risky, but goddamn if that isn’t a close shave!’ ”
  9. Metro Maps of the World.
  10. Brabus Maybach. Let’s jack a child restraint into a Maybach! (I’ve seen them in Jaguars, Mini Coopers, and 911s.)
  11. My kind of building!
  12. The Bubble Night Bomber looks like Super Mario shrunk into a Rolex.
  13. “Straight” guys, whether “token” or not, don’t have profiles on BigMuscle.
  14. U.S. Male Corps: Redhead “snowboarder.”
  15. Further found type: Spotted in the Wild.
  16. Charlie Victor Romeo… is a live performance documentary derived entirely from the Black Box transcripts of six major real-life airline emergencies.
  17. BoingBoing Lite.
  18. A Scanner Darkly: Rotoscoped!
  19. Who represents your dream actor?
  20. Unused Windows keys.
  21. Chick from Spellbound has a Weblog.
  22. Cycling Gear: Helmets & Armour.
  23. OMIGOSH! I sent Luke down the street to take that shot!
  24. “The Defamer Male Celebrity’s Guide to Public Man-Hugging Without Seeming Gay and Possibly Jeopardizing Your Career.” Fix your slugs, people!
  25. Inverting the Apple logo.
  26. I can do a bilabial click.
  27. How Apex Became World’s Hottest Name in Electronics.”
  28. Winstripe: A new skin for Windows.
  29. Redesign TVNZ.co.nz.
  30. E-commerce definition lists.
  31. Binoculars + digicams.
  32. “Nokia has funded a cell phone browser project at the Mozilla Foundation.”
  33. “Congo word ‘most untranslatable.’ ” Oh? “In second place was shlimazl, which is Yiddish for ‘a chronically unlucky person.’ ” As in the Laverne & Shirley theme song?
  34. Helping Web designers understand accessibility.”

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