• Why You Should Dump Internet Explorer. I get tired of trying to explain to backward Windows users (tautology, shurely?!) how much harm they’re causing themselves and the Web through the use of this, the newest cœlecanth of a browser.
    • Do you even have any understanding of security and standards compliance, let alone the absurd interface anomalies like duplicating the current page when you ask for a new window?
    • If you have no such understanding, is it also true that you work in Web development or tech support? In all the cases I know, it is.
    • It’s really simple: Use Moz, Opera, Firefox, or something else. Your machine won’t get infected, you’ll have tabbed browsing at last, and good sites will look right for the very first time.
  • Banners Promoting Standards: “There are plenty of people out there who want your job and they know XHTML.” And they don’t use IE.

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