Mark Leduc is the still-impressive strawberry-blond Olympic silver medalist boxer. Homosexualist, of course. He was most recently seen majestically striding up Church St. in his usual wifebeater, and I think he’s completely forgotten who I am.

For extra credit, find my previous references to him in the old Weblog.

On Locker Room episode 9 (nearly impossible to view in repeats, while the first four have been rerun dozens of times), which, among other things, profiles his fabulous apartment, one enjoyed the following exchange:

Paul DeBoy (no relation)
So you like to go out and cause – cause trouble? Is that what I hear?
Yeah, I cause a little shit.
What kind of shit do you like to cause?
Just go out and—
Chase all the beautiful boys. [Confirmed! – Ed.]
Have you ever taken the low blow?
[Gravely] No.
…Then I kind of let sports go completely, never worked out for years and years. And then I started drinking a little bit. Some people just simply should not drink, and I think I’m one of them. [Confirmed, sadly. – Ed.] Not that I get violent or anything; but I, you know, I kind of – when I drink I just kind of tell people how I really feel about them, which is, you know, sometimes not good.

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