But Datsuns you spit right out.

Teal-blue Datsun B210: Angled coupé roofline; nameplate; black honeycomb grille and deeply-recessed headlamp and turn signal

I lived down the road from a Datsun dealer and I remember the very week the B210 came out. I looked for a long time indeed at the nameplate and could not possibly figure out how to say it. I thought it was “B-21-O.” The oppressive, cramped, pitch-black interior (with huge, intrusive seatbelt retractor up by your temple), plus the nauseating design features indicated above, burned it forevermore in my memory.

Oh, and guess what? A car that small was rear-wheel-drive. Then again, so was the Chevette. (And the Acadian.)

Scarifying. And, for the love of God, turn down the gain on that paint.

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