Mena Trott:

This mess was around for months until one day Barak came to work with a T-shirt, some tool belt–type thing, and some device to do phone wiring. During the course of the afternoon, Barak installed our phone lines and cleaned up the office.

Incidentally, while he was doing this, Maile, our administrative assistant, came in for her first interview with us and saw Barak…. After we hired Maile and explained who Barak was, she laughed and said “Oh, I thought he was the handyman and that this company really liked to get everyone involved!”

The fact that Barak will do this sort of grunt work is why he fits in at Six Apart.

Big fucking deal, Mena! It’s the norm in startups to do your own cleanup, and you already told us Barak drives a BMW convertible with a shoephone glued to his ear. And upgrades himself to fly business to Japan.

Dem vulture capitalists – dey’s just folks.

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