The Parallax View (1974) by Allan J. Pakula posits a secret league of assassins and infiltrators.

Would you pass their test?


Division of Human Engineering

Personality Inventory

  • I am a healthy person.
  • I like fashion magazines.
  • I worry sometimes.
  • I like high places.
  • I like romantic stories better than adventure stories.
  • I am at my best in large groups.
  • I am often frightened when I wake up in the middle of the night.
  • When I am feeling happy, someone is sure to spoil my mood.
  • Sometimes strange men follow me.
  • Sometimes a little thing will run through my mind for days and days.
  • I am never embarrassed.
  • I see things around me that other people do not see.
  • I have never vomited blood.
  • I know who is responsible for my problems.
  • The sight of blood does not make me sick or afraid.
  • I would like to be an actor.
  • Often I can’t understand why I have been so irritable and touchy.
  • Someone is out to get me.
  • My father would hate me if I got into trouble with the law.
  • There is something not right about my mind.
  • I like to win when I play games.
  • I never liked school.
  • I want people to remember me when I am gone.
  • I have never cried.
  • My friends always end up double-crossing me.
  • Knowing important people makes me feel good because it makes me feel important.

I mean, who can say no to any of these things? Who would not like to be an actor?

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None. I quit.

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