These are all I could put together before Moz froze, quite ruining my afternoon.

  1. Deaf-Blind Queer
  2. The Christ”? “I thought that Christ was equivalent to ‘The Crucified’ or ‘He who was crucified’ or just ‘crucified.’ […] As in: Jesus, Regional Manager. Jesus, FBI. Jesus, Actor/Director. Jesus, Christ. Give these people 2,000 years and they lose the comma”
  3. Older [Apple] Software Downloads
  4. PDF Browser Plugin; Word Browser Plugin
  5. Origins of the power-on icon
  6. I’d never previously heard of Apress. How did you come across them?” Apparently not by reading about their contracts. Have they been improved?
  7. DVD Player region code and Macrovision hack list and oddball region-free players.
  8. UltraHip colo[u]rs are a great deal of fun to work with”
  9. QBullets and Other Icons to signify filetypes of downloadable items
  10. Yiddish! But it’s all pictures, not encoded text
  11. German mission-statement generator
  12. Dehancement:“To show Netscape and Internet Explorer users what the blind (who use text browsers and screen-reading software that speaks the text through a speech synthesizer) and other graphically-impaired Lynx users have to cope with when viewing pages ‘enhanced’ for Netscape or Internet explorer, I have ‘dehanced’ this page for graphical browsers.” An unrealistic but amusing example
  13. EvilML: “I decided to create a rather ‘evil’ HTML document. Why evil? Because, to my knowledge, there isn’t a browser under the sun that creates a sensible rendition of this document.” And its entire source code is:

    "<a href="http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd">
    ;<html<head<title>What does your HTML parser make of this?
    </></><body<h1<em>Emphasized</> in <h1></>
    <p<a href="<a href="http://www.example.com"<em>
    Emphasis</> in links as well</>. Evil?
    Another paragraph, with a <a href="<a href="http://www.example.com/">

  14. Why I Almost Love ClearType
  15. Polar Alert: Audiocassette packaging art. (Labels for videocassettes, shurely?!)
  16. Gem Sweater
  17. Hecklebots: Instruments of evil? Imagine hecklebots for BigMuscleBlogs! I’d buy that for a dollar!
  18. 1-800-SUICIDE
  19. TDD goes to AIM; How can I place a TTY or relay-operator call using Lormar Logic? Or: How can Nigerianand Ghanaian scammers clog the entire system more easily than ever?
  20. Flash Journalism: You’re kidding, right?
  21. All Your Base Are Belong to Us history
  22. Pet Shop Boys to Release Potemkin Soundtrack
  23. “Dutch tile manufacturer Royal… Mosa sells two ranges of LED-lighted tile
  24. A genuine Icelandic sweater!
  25. “HIV-neg. Non-smoker. No PNP. I like to keep the lights on
  26. Coolhunting
  27. The Vegan Guide to New York City
  28. Ozwords
  29. Urdu Wikipedia
  30. São Paulo Shimbun
  31. Stunning BM(B) photo of the month
  32. Outing of icons stirs up gay row”: “Tasmania’s trailblazing gay activist, Rodney Croome, has come under fire for publicly naming four of Tasmania’s leading cultural exports as being gay”
  33. Slash out Internet Exploder! “A bad decision made many years ago continues to torment us today! In an attempt to cover up the resulting confusion, Internet Explorer automatically replaces blackslashes in URLs with forward slashes. Thus, if you are using Internet Explorer, you will not be able to follow this link — no matter how hard you try! Go ahead, Exploder users, give it a try!”
  34. Add an Eject menubar item in X
  35. OCR fonts (via Ask MetaFilter)
  36. Checklist for Building the Ideal News Web Site. Missing a few things?
  37. Russian Localization for Mac OS X Tiger
  38. Tufte on 508. Peter Principle, anyone?
  39. Bootleg Objects: Hacking and casemodding your own electronics
  40. Luke does clouds!
  41. Logo-Free TV
  42. The Dwell Home, before that magazine became merely another yuppie shelter title filled with designy objets
  43. Ground Zero Typo Caught After Two Years
  44. Parody explores gay final frontier: Like German “country” music?
  45. Bullshit paid search engine allegedly for the visually-impaired
  46. Font
  47. Text Fragmentation and Reuse in User Interfaces: “Designers must consider linguistic differences when implementing messages that will be translated”
  48. Paramedic Weblog (Cf. waiter Weblog)
  49. Software for book publishing
  50. Pine flowed-text patch: “Pine 4.60 added support for flowed text a la RFC2646, which is great. If you want, you can tell it not to send flowed text…but there’s no way to tell it not to display flowed text. This patch adds that option”
  51. The Dying Art of Plain-Text E-mail
  52. Vee TV, one of those British deaf shows we don’t get over here
  53. “I am really disappointed that there are colleges that don’t accept ASL as a language that fulfills the graduation requirement
  54. World Electric Guide: The South African adapters are insane
  55. Audio Description TV Show Schedules
  56. Script samples (as Korean, Georgian, Thai, inter alia)

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