503 KINGSTON ROAD TRIPPER THU SEP 16 DAY 260 Thanks for Riding the Rocket! TORONTO TRANSIT COMMISSION 01303 UP 36 29 22 12 00 YORK SHERB. QUEEN & BROADVIEW QUEEN & KINGSTON RD. BINGHAM THU SEP 16 DOWN 00 07 14 24 36 ♲ Proof of Pay-ment Paid to Zone 3 Zone 1 SPC E 5 6 7 8 9 D 00 15 U 30 45 D 00 10 20 U 30 40 THU SEP 16 DAY 260 This transfer can be used at TTC transfer points for a one-way continuous trip with no backtracking. Most direct route must be taken. Conditions of Use of Transfer: • Must be obtained from operator at time fare is paid. • Must be used at first available transfer point (cannot walk to next stop.) • Must be used on day of issue within reasonable time allowance to the transfer point. Not valid for stopover. • Must be used by the person to whom issued. • Must be retained and shown when requested on Proof of Payment routes. In case of dispute, customer must pay fare, retain transfer and contact Customer Services at 393-3030. Thank you.

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