Gawker now runs an advice column.

I hereby raise my hand.

Q. I’ve got these two homosexualists whom I especially cherish, though I admit I’ve met only one of them and I’ve been kind of swayed by swarthy Italianate looks in the other case. Anyway, these guys edit, or used to edit, a couple of delightful Weblogs. It’s all good, as the kids recently stopped saying.

But their also-homosexualist boss lets the team down by reusing other people’s site design and producing invalid and inaccessible Web sites. He claimed to be too poor to rectify any of those problems – but this boss just recently found the money for three new sites, all of them just as badly put together as the others! I know the reusing-other-people’s-work problem was amicably resolved (I was at the bar where they did the smackdown), but really, how the hell do I get my esteemed homosexualist colleagues out of this guy’s clutches?

P.S. He’s even stupid enough to use Network Solutions for domain registrations. Sort of a precursor to not knowing how to make a Web site – not knowing how to register a name safely.

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